Business Information

There Are 3 Sales Channels To Choose From And 3 Ways To Sell

MexZotic has 3 Sales Channels for Home Based & Retail Business Owners;

1. Merchant Channel – For all Resellers Including Distributors, Party Hosts & Retail Partners
2. Retail Sales Agent Channel - Designed for Wholesalers to Appoint and sell via/to Merchants
3. Retail Importer / Importer – Designed for Importers to sell via/to Wholesalers & Merchants

Sales Channel Information

The Three (3) Sales Channels are designed for your convenience and YOU select how much time you want to spend on your business and how much income you want to earn.

Merchant Channel:

The Merchant Sales Channel is designed for Home Based Business Owners to sell products Directly to Customers face-to-face and/or via Online and/or by Hosting a Jewelry Party OR for a Retail Shop Owner wishing to sell complimentary Jewelry Products to their walk-in Customers via their existing Retail Outlet.

Merchants sell direct to Customers and usually defined as Jewelry Party Host, Online Reseller, Online Distributor and/or Retail Sales Partner.

Retail Sales Agent Channel:

This is our Wholesale Sales Channel and is designed for Home Based Business Owners and/or existing Independent Sales Representatives wishing to sell via/to their own Network of Merchants. Retail Sales Agents earn Commission by appointing Jewelry Party Hosts, Retail Sales Partners and Online Resellers & Distributors to resell products direct to Customers.

Retail Importer Channel:

This is our Premier Sales Channel and is designed predominantly for existing Importers & Business Owners wishing to sell MexZotic Jewelry products via established or new Wholesale and Merchant Channels. Retail Importers can appoint Retail Sales Agents, Jewelry Party Hosts, Retail Sales Partners and Online Resellers & Distributors.

Example 1: Home Jewelry Party – Merchant Channel

MexZotic will award you with a FREE GIFT valued at up to $100 for having a Jewelry Party. You can earn additional Commission Credits and Rewards for Jewelry Sales at the Party and/or for introducing New Members or future Party Hosts.

A Jewelry Party is completely FREE for the Host and Guests and a great way to make money, have fun and buy new exciting Designer Jewelry.

Our Retail Sales Agent will supply all Jewelry for Guests to Order/Purchase at the Party and be available to answer any questions or to advise on various designs.

Merchant Channel Support Network

MexZotic will support you in building your business network whichever Sales Channel you choose. It is as easy as having a Home Jewelry Party to get started. The following diagram outlines each section of the business and the support infrastructure;

Example 2: Online – Merchant Channel

MexZotic will process and fulfil all your customer orders for you. As an Online Reseller or Distributor you can earn a direct income from Online Sales, Third Party Online Shopping Sites, eBay or Direct Sales to family and friends.

MexZotic will process payments, ship all goods via recognized Courier & Freight companies and provide full tracking services through our Administration Software.

MexZotic can give you a solid monthly income and can be the main income stream into the household or a supplementary income!

Online Access & Technical Support

Membership allows you access to Customer Service and 24/7 login to your Member Account from anywhere in the world displaying real-time at a glance information such as; Orders Received, My Order History, Shipping & Tracking, Online & Retail Profit, My Bank & Commission Credit Etc.

Example 3: Retail Sales Partner - Merchant Channel

MexZotic has an innovative Retail Partner Program as a channel for Retail Importers and Retail Sales Agents to resell Jewelry via existing Retail Stores Outlets direct to Customers.

Introductory Jewelry Packages for Retail Partners start at $333 up to $999 and come with FREE Display Stands. Company financing is also available to approved Retailers.

GREAT Entry Level Opportunity..!! GREAT Life Style Opportunity..!!

MexZotic is a ground floor opportunity to build your own Network Infrastructure without worrying who is in your up-line or down-line. You can have fun with your very own business and you do not have the headaches of looking after Employees, Inventory, Product Fulfilment, Shipping & Handling, Accounting or Cash-Flow, which are the biggest problems facing any small business. You do not need any capital to get started and best of all the systems are already in place to help you succeed.

GREAT Business Opportunity..!! GREAT Income Opportunity..!!

MexZotic is an innovative business model that will allow you to make money and enjoy hassle free fun as well. MexZotic is NOT a pyramid scheme or a multi-level-marketing (MLM) scheme. It is an innovative business model designed as a Jewelry Members Club that allows for maximum profits to each and every Member and not just the lucky few that were fortunate to get involved in the beginning.