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MexZotic has a complete Retail Partner Program designed to support and compliment your Retail Business. Jewelry is manufactured and delivered direct to your door from our Warehouse & Fulfillment Centre. We have Business & Career Opportunity options to choose from.

MexZotic has a fantastic Retail Partner Program. If approved, we will ship a fully loaded Display Stand from our Warehouse & Fulfillment Centre directly to your Retail Outlet. Our manufactured Jewelry is well stocked and ready to ship same day.

We will deliver enough inventories as part of your introductory package to financially cash-flow your new business income stream. We will supply everything you need to get started, including Display Stands.

Your existing Retail business could be selling a professional line of Jewelry within one week of your application. We will offer you full Product & Price training and ongoing support.

Retail Business Opportunity;

Retail Partner

We are accepting applications from Retail Partners right now. We are looking for existing Retail Outlets such as Hair & Nail Salons, Beauty & Spa Salons, Clothing & Apparel Stores, Perfume & Make-Up Stores, Pharmacies, Convenience Stores and Newsagents Etc. Buy direct from the manufacturer and cut out all the middle costs.

Hair & Nail Salon:

Most Hair & Nail Salons are already selling merchandise and are looking for additional revenue streams. Jewelry is an excellent complimentary product for the Hair & Nail Salon industry and fits well with the woman and beauty concept.

Beauty & Spa

Beauty and Spa Salons are other great locations where woman are in the self beautifying mode and will indulge themselves in that extra treat of jewelry to match the new hair style or new look.

The MexZotic Display Stand is designed for flexibility. With Retail floor space at a premium, the stand will fit neatly into any corner or can be free-standing. The fully rotational 4 sided display will accommodate 100’s of pieces of Jewelry and requires approximately 30 square inches.


Over the years Pharmacies have diversified their product range and now sell everything from pharmaceutical drugs to sunglasses. Already selling make-up, false eyelashes and a complete range of women’s care products, the MexZotic Jewelry Display Stand is an obvious and great fit for this continued expansion.

The changing and ever evolving business structure of our local pharmacy has come a long way. Customers awaiting prescriptions can now browse and shop for a diverse range of goods, jewelry is an eye catching distraction and a terrific point of purchase tool.

Clothing & Apparel Store

Believe it or not there are still some Clothing & Apparel Stores that are not capitalizing on the accessory market. Sometimes it is just as simple as not enough time in the day to think about or to look for new products to sell in your Store. Even if you have thought of Jewelry, quite often the accessory business can become more time demanding than your regular Clothing & Apparel business.

MexZotic has made it simple to get started and to manage your new Jewelry business. With your own MexZotic Website and Admin Software you can re-order inventory in a few minutes. You can select individual items or you can select from our Retail Pack options with one click. You can track all your order history and produce reports. It is as easy as one two three.

Shoes & Accessories Store:

Following right along with Clothing & Apparel Stores, but quite often Retail Stores in their own identity are Shoe & Accessory Stores. Jewelry, Shoes, Handbags and Purses are definitely a girl’s best friend.

Convenience Stores & Newsagents

Jewelry quite often is an impulse purchase, especially if the Display Stand is situated to maximize foot traffic and the products are eye catching. The MexZotic Fashion Collection of quality Jewelry is manufactured from 0.925 Solid Silver/Plated, Vintage Silver, Silver Alloy, Turquoise, Gemstone, Murano Glass and is competitively priced to suit a large range of Retail style outlets, including Convenience Stores & Newsagents.

The pricing structure for our Retail Partners is very lucrative as you can enjoy a 75% discount on the entire Fashion Collection range.

This will allow you to resell the products “On Sale” at up to 50% off RRP and you will still make a very healthy 100% profit.

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If you would like to become a Retailer, apply now by sending your name, address, contact number, email address and your CV to MexZotic NOW AT