Retail Importer

MexZotic has a Business & Career Opportunity for Retail Importers. The Retail Importer will usually have an exclusive or non-exclusive Agency Agreement for an entire Country or Territory.

We are currently recruiting Retail Importers on a Global Basis to expand our Business.

OBJECTIVE: The role of MexZotic and the Retail Importer;

  • This will be a full working Partnership position with MexZotic
  • MexZotic will supply all Jewelry, Display Stands, Order Fulfilment, Sales & Marketing Materials and Funding for the aforementioned items
  • Retail Importer will recruit and manage a team of Retail Agents and appoint Retail Partners
  • Manage the ongoing roll-out of suitably qualified Retail Partners within the Country or Territory

DUTIES: The Retail Importer will provide the following services to the Company;

  • Recruit a sales force consisting of Retail Sales Agents, Independent Contractors & Manufacturers Representatives and Merchants
  • Manage, Train, Monitor and Report all aspects of the sales force and sales
  • Arrange and Attend Jewelry Parties or Retail Showcases, answer Guest / Customer questions and meet minimum Sales Quotas and/or Sales Orders
  • Generate future Jewelry Parties OR Retail Showcases and service and/or manage ongoing Sales Orders from each attended Jewelry Party OR Showcase
  • Take Jewelry Orders from Jewelry Party Hosts, Retail Partners and Retail Sales Agents, process payments for such orders as required and track orders to ensure timely delivery
  • Contact your Jewelry Host Network to schedule Jewelry Party’s every 3 month cycle to present New Jewelry and/or New Season Jewelry
  • Oversee and self generate leads for appointments of suitable Party Hosts and Retail Partners
  • Present Jewelry Samples & Company Merchandise and explain the RRP pricing and discount structure to ALL Customers, Merchants, Retail Partners and Retail Sales Agents
  • Present Company Polices & Procedures and the Retail Partner Program and Jewelry Products to suitably qualified Merchants, Retail Partners and Retail Sales Agents
  • Professionally explain the Retail Partner Program Agreement and Introductory Jewelry Pack Offers to Merchants, Retail Partners & Retail Sales Agents and answer questions knowledgeably
  • Collect the Company preferred payment method from Merchants and Retailers for the Retail Partner Program (Major Credit Card or Bank Transfer)
  • Schedule time, delivery and set-up of inventory for Jewelry Party Hosts and/or Retail Partner’s Display Stand
  • Professional set-up of Displays and/or Stands to showcase Jewelry Products & Introductory Packs to achieve best presentation for Party Hosts and Retail Partners
  • Service, assist and support Merchants, Retailer Partners and Retail Sales Agents on an ongoing basis thereafter
  • Contact Party Host, Retailer Partner and Retail Sales Agent on a regular basis and advise of new Company Merchandise or Special Promotions.
  • [He or she] will report directly to MexZotic and to any other party designated by MexZotic in connection with the performance of the duties under this Agreement and shall fulfil any other duties reasonably requested by the Company and agreed to by the Retail Importer.

COMPENSATION: The Company shall pay the Retail Importer the following;

  • This is a partnership arrangement and while no fixed salary is offered, MexZotic will cover or assist to cover most out of pocket expenses
  • A Cash Payment of UP TO $100 per Jewelry Party, remunerated to Retail Importer on a weekly basis one week in arrears (minimum sales quota and conditions apply)
  • An Advance of UP TO $100 for each appointed Retail Partner remunerated to Retail Importer (Independent Contractors) on a weekly basis one week in arrears
  • An agreed flat rate Commission up to 35% (negotiable based on experience) of all company merchandise purchased as Merchant and/or Retail Partner transactions based on total order value
  • Commission shall be automatically assigned to your account through the MexZotic Accounting Software and is viewable at all times by the Retail Importer on [his or her] MexZotic website
  • Such maximum 35% compensation shall be payable fortnightly in arrears and paid within 5 business days from the end of each 2 week cycle. Request for payment must be submitted via your virtual MexZotic Bank Account
  • A minimum of $100 must be kept in your virtual MexZotic Bank Account at all times
  • No other compensation or remuneration will be paid to the Retail Importer except as mentioned herein unless otherwise agreed by both parties

Apply Now

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