Member Administration Software

To operate a successful home based jewelry business you need administration support and you need the ability to very quickly and simply update your profile, check on an order, check on a customer’s address or view your sales and earned income.

Once you are securely logged into the web site you will have the following helpful MexZotic Administration Software tools at your service;

My Profile

  • Update your personal information
  • Change your shipping address
  • Input your banking details
  • Update your Method of Payment
  • Manage your User Name & Password
  • Upgrade your Membership Level

My Group

  • Check on your Clients Information
  • Check on your Clients Sales
    • Total
    • Individual
    • By Date
    • By Region
    • By Category
  • Search Feature by ID / Name / Date

My Orders

  • Check on your Current Orders
  • Check on your past Orders
  • Check on your Clients Orders
  • Check on your Clients past Orders
  • Shipping / Tracking / Returns
  • Back Orders
  • Search Feature by Order Number / Client Name / Order Date / Item
  • Aging / Host / Specials

My Account

  • Check Account Information
  • Check on your My 'Product Profit' History
  • Check on your My 'Group Profits' History
  • Check on your My 'Group Membership' History
  • Check on your My 'Commission Credits' History

MexZotic Administration Software will be helpful, informative and user friendly. We welcome feedback on the software and we are constantly upgrading and adding feature rich improvements.

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