Host Party Tips

How to have a Successful Jewelry Party Event..!!

There is a lot more to achieving successful sales than just the Jewelry Party itself. There are actually three (3) main components that require equal and valued attention. There is the pre-selection of the Host and invitation of Guests prior to the Jewelry Party, there is the organization of the Host Jewelry Party Event itself and just as important is the post Jewelry Party Follow-Up.

Sales Agent & Host - Invitation Tips:

  1. Time & Date: Pick an agreeable time with your Host that falls on a day and time period most convenient for the Host and their jewelry party guests. This will depend on whether or not they work, have small children, active social activities, etc. You and your Host or Hostess should know the guests well enough to be able to pick a good time for your Jewelry Party.
  2. Excitement: Get your Host and their guests excited about the Jewelry Party by letting them know about the concept of
    MexZotic Jewelry Parties, tell them a bit about the fantastic products and of course the discounted specials and free gifts available on the night.
  3. Information: Give your Host a good overview of the company you represent and the type of products you will be presenting at the Jewelry Party, what the company is known for (Mexican Sliver), what will they be showcasing specifically such as Earrings, Bracelets, Chains and Pendants etc , and inform your Host of any special goodies on offer? Also outline how guests will place and receive their orders from MexZotic and discuss what the Host benefits include.
  4. Who: Who is show casing the Jewelry? Give the Host a little background on yourself, in terms of training, knowledge and practice. Include how large your selection of products on hand will be and identify what other sales tools you will be using on the night such as a computer, Ipad or hand-out brochures etc.
  5. Style & Fashion: Show the goods! Let the host touch and feel the quality and see the style so that they are comfortable allowing their friends to see it and more importantly, buy it. Give the Host a little blurb and maybe links to your website in case some guests won’t be able to attend. Will you do custom work? Are there specials? Will you offer an incentive for guests that bring guests?
  6. Creativity: Get creative and use our support. A simple example is to have a lucky door prize just for attending. Offer a nice set of earrings in a MexZotic pouch to the lucky winner drawn from names in a hat or from some other fun game!
  7. Refreshments: Will there be refreshments? Wine and cheese? A high tea? Samplings from your local neighborhood eateries? Including a small menu is a nice touch. Most people like a FREE drink, so discuss with your Host about providing refreshments on the night and make sure to notify guests that refreshments will be served.
  8. RSVP: Request that your Host receive an RSVP by phone, or email with a cut-off date from all invited attendees. Emphasize the uniqueness of this event and how much you and the Host or Hostess put into the event by providing a “free gift” for all those that attend in person and even respond in time.
  9. Reminder: Friendly reminders: Your hostess should place personal phone calls to the invited guests 2 days before the event to remind them of the time and location. Hosts on the day of the event should send an email to all attending guests with maps and directions in case they forgot to print out the information.
  10. Printing Your Jewelry Host Party Invitations: You should use our professional Post Card Host Party Invitation in the Support Tab of your Members area. Customize it with the Host Party location, time and date and any of the applicable above information, with emphasis on the specials, free gifts and any discounts.

Sales Agent - Jewelry Party Tips:

  1. Time & Date: Agent to arrive at the Host location at least one hour prior to the Event planned start time. Agent to ensure own readiness prior to assisting the Host in any preparation. Agent to co-ordinate with the Host to lay out the display in an easy accessible location such as the dining table of living area coffee table. Ensure that all free gifts ready to hand to guests and marketing materials and business cards are available. First impressions of arriving guests are very important.
  2. Presentation Type 1: If you are still in start-up phase, you may need to supplement your lack of actual jewelry products with marketing materials and even photographs of popular pieces. A computer or Ipad will go a long way in showcasing the products albeit in the virtual realm. Nowadays, you can also plug your computer directly into a flat screen TV monitor and run a simple picture loop of your favorite 50 to 100 items.
  3. Presentation Type 2: If you are more established or have purchased the Party Pack, you will have plenty of jewelry products to display so ensure that you lay them out in an orderly fashion. Keep all the Earrings together, all the bracelets together, all rings, pendants etc. This will portray professionalism and not some back street Bazaar ideology. Still make use of any other marketing materials as necessary.
  4. Sales: Your salesmanship and grace will benefit you in a successful evening. Allow guests to try on the Jewelry and see how it looks. Have plenty of hand mirrors available if needed. You will not need to force any sale as guests will select the pieces they like. You can be creative with your pricing and offer small incentives if guests by two (2) or three (3) or more pieces. It is your business so know your cost and how to work out your buy price and profit margin.
  5. Orders: You can sell the products you do have on hand at the Event, be prepared to take written orders for additional items or for a duplicate item you showcased and may have only had one available. Do not be afraid at this point to offer further incentive discounts if guests increase their order or remind guests of any pending Birthdays, Graduations, Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day and it is never too early to buy for Christmas.
  6. General: Make sure that your Host supports you at the Event by serving food and drinks etc and attending to guest needs especially while you are show casing your products. The Host should in most cases lead by example and place the first order.
  7. Payment: Make sure that you take full payment for all ordered products either in cash, check or place the order via your
    MexZotic web site Members Area using the guest’s credit card.
  8. Mirror Mirror: Make sure that you have plenty of hand held mirrors available for your Guests to see how the Jewelry looks on them. (For Health Reasons; Earrings should be held against the ear only and not inserted).

Sales Agent - Follow Up Tips:

  1. Host Follow Up: Follow up with your Host within a few days of the Host Party Event to thank them and to make sure that everyone had a good time. Make sure that the Host has received all allotted free and bonus items based on guest sales, attendance and future bookings etc.
  2. Customer Follow Up: Discuss with your Host as to any follow up requirements necessary with guests, their orders or future Jewelry Party Events. Double check with either the Host or guest directly if you had offered any discounted specials and free gifts available on the night.
  3. Order Follow Up: Give your Host a copy of all items ordered on the night at the Jewelry Party. This will show professionalism on your part and put the Host at ease that their guests will be looked after and serviced correctly. Make sure that your written order form is input into an electronic order via your Web Site or Members Area.
  4. Order Delivery: Liaise with the Host to double check that all orders have been delivered correctly by their chosen method, direct drop ship order to the guest or whether the guest order is delivered via the Host. Follow up with all recipients of their order and ensure complete product and delivery satisfaction.