About-Us: Retail
MexZotic is a direct Wholesaler and Manufacturer of Fine Jewelry. We have a Retail Partner Platform to service the Retail Industry. Specializing in Mexican Themed Jewelry, we cater to all budgets and tastes.
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Exceptional Quality and High Fashion Jewelry that never goes out of Style

MexZotic can supply and deliver any jewelry at wholesale pricing from our On-Line Jewelry Store with many benefits to Customers, Members, Retailers and other Wholesalers. Introducing our Brand New and ever changing Fashion Collection made from .925 Solid Silver/Plated Silver, Turquoise and Authentic Gemstones, Vintage Silver and Silver Alloy, Agate, Natural Stone and Certified AA Freshwater Pearls;
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Fashion Collection:

Made with quality silver findings and clasps. Our Fashion Jewelry is constantly being refreshed with new styles of Silver & Stone Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Bangles and Rings Etc.

The information in the Retail Info Tab will give you a detailed explanation of what our Retail Partnership Program is all about, the various benefits to Retailers and the career opportunities available;

Retail Partner

Retail Partners are usually existing Business and Store owners who are looking to sell additional products to compliment their business income stream. MexZotic has a Program whereby we partner with you to make you successful. We will start you off with a Special Introduction Package of jewelry and even supply the Display Stand you need. We will cash-flow your business by giving you $12,000 RRP value of Fashion Jewelry for only $999 including Shipping & Handling.

Retail Agent

The Retail Agent position is available Full-time or Part-time on a commission only basis to appoint Retail Partners and share in the revenue from every Retail Partner transaction. Depending on your level of experience you can earn up to 20% flat commission on all gross sales.  Appointment is to approved and authenticated applicants only. This position is also suitable for Manufacturers Representatives.

Retail Importer

The Retail Importer position is available in select areas only on a Full-time business partnership basis with MexZotic. You would be assigned a Country or Territory on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. Higher commission and other financial support and benefits are offered to the right candidates. Appointment is to approved and authenticated applicants only.

All relative information is explained in detail in the Retail Info section;

Retail Info Tab

Information about the design and goals of the Retailer Partner Program and what is the most suitable type of Retail Store to resell jewelry. Tab includes an online enquiry submittal form.

Retail Partner Program Tab

Information for the Retailer on exactly what the Retailer Partner Program is and what the Retailer gets out of the deal, including introductory packages and ongoing support.

Retail Importer Tab

Information for the Retail Importer on what MexZoticis looking for and what we will contribute towards the Business Partnership. Tab includes an online enquiry submittal form.

Retail Agent Tab

Information for the Retail Agent and/or Manufacturers Representative and full description of duties and compensation offered for the role. Tab includes an online enquiry submittal form.

Retail Partner Agreement Tab

Information for the Retail Partner to understand their obligations and rights under the term of the Retailer Partner Program.

Retail Partner Specials Tab

Information for the Retail Partner on Special Payment terms and Special Jewelry Packs available through the Retailer Partner Program.